A Few Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

A Few Tips to Beat The Winter Blues

I am looking forward to some warmer temps this weekend, but it looks like another wintery mix is in the forecast for Plano. Here are a few tips to help beat those winter blues.

1. Add a Pop of Color

It’s amazing what a little color will do to your room, and your mood.


 2. Accessorize With Summer Memories

Where did you vacation this summer? Have a memento? Why not pull it out to remind you of those warmer days?


3. Fresh Flowers

Adding fresh flowers makes a huge impact on the happiness factor and when purchased at the grocery store, can be very affordable.



4. Have a Purge Party

Why wait for spring for a little cleaning? Go from room to room and closet to closet. Now purge declutter and donate.


I hope these simple tips help get you through these next few weeks until spring decides to show up for good! Until then, stay warm.

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