An interesting interview with Brian Patrick Flynn

In a recent interview with an American television producer turned interior designer, Brian Patrick Flynn is founder of FlynnsideOut Productions, a full service production company specializing in lifestyle-related content. Brian is also a contributor and featured designer for

The Americasmart in Atlanta recently sat down with Brian to talk design and trends…

What’s one thing every room needs?
BPF: Even if I’m designing a small powder room, I always somehow incorporate some type of rug. I feel like this delineates the space, and it also offers a chance to add pattern and color into any space without having to involve any major commitment.

What’s your take on the outdoors?
BPF: I treat the outdoor spaces just as much as I would the indoors, by investing in stuff that can be recovered for decades, and also things that have a really nice line that will not date quickly. I always try to turn a small outdoor space into an outdoor living room.

And when the weather’s nice, you want to be outside, entertaining your friends and family – but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Al fresco dining is something that can be a little bit more affordable; because all you need to do it is a table and chairs, and usually lighting.

What makes a room great?
BPF: I think the key to a really good design is a room that is slightly imperfect. When things are too perfect, and the color of the pillow matches exactly the color of the drapes, the rugs, etc., it can tend to look like a catalog. Be yourself!

Where do you see design trends emerging?
BPF: I think that a lot of times things that we see on the runway end up making their way into the house and vice versa.

What are some trends you think will be popular in 2014?

Blush/Mauve Color
BPF: I think that blushes and mauves are going to make their way in, starting with carpets. They’ll be introduced in new ways that won’t look very ’80s, but more as a classic, romantic type of tone.







Colorless & Texture
BPF: We’re going to see a lot more colorless design. I think there’s going to be a lot of nude tones, mixed with metallic – that’s already happening in fashion. A lot of the designers are scaling back and making it about playing more on texture.






BPF: Brass, for just about everything. I’ve noticed that in addition to tabletops, there’s a ton of lighting that’s coming out that’s made in satin brass. A lot of manufacturers have started to do lighting and hardware, and even tabletop and accessories for the home, like candlesticks, that are in either a matte or a satin brass. This year, I’m going to be using a lot of dull brass lighting.images (2) images (3)

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