Is Brass Decor Making a Comeback?

Get out the brass hidden away in your garage or attic. This metal is making a big comeback. From accessories to furniture and accent hardware, you’ll see it making a grand reappearance. Here’s what you can expect.

• Lighting:  The traditional, polished brass chandelier with its candlestick design will always be a staple in home decor. But, this year look for contemporary fixtures that use brass in a whole new light. Like a sculpture in your room, new chandeliers will use a mixture of metals – including brass in a fabulous satin finish with shapes that convey a more modern sense of style.

• Accessories:  Think about a small grouping of generously-sized brass candlesticks in the corner of a living room or topping a sideboard in your dining room. Brass accessories were all the rage in the 1980’s and then they fizzled out. I predict brass will take center stage in many rooms in 2013 – but, the look will be more sophisticated. A statement piece here or there will grace living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms – but, not en masse. Further resistance to faux and plated pieces will make the trend even more welcome. And don’t be surprised to find weathered brass with a beautiful green-blue patina working its way into earthy and organic spaces.

• Chairs and Tables:  Whether it’s a reproduction of a period piece or a retro barstool, brass chairs can bring an understated glow to seating arrangements. The trick is to create the ideal balance of different textures in the room – like a brass accent table next to a pair of velvet chairs or on top of an oriental rug. It’s the mix that will make the room a stand out.

• Hardware and Accents:  Remember those shiny builder’s-grade brass plated fixtures of the past. They were downright garish. Heavy, high end brass fixtures will have just the right finish for a lavatory faucet. Likewise, weighty brass pulls will make a perfect accent on kitchen cabinets and break up the monotony of stainless steel that has overtaken some of our gourmet spaces.

So, if you need help incorporating this new trend in your home, give me a call or email me.

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