Green for 2013

Green is everywhere this year! From decorating with beautiful shades of emerald green to going green and being eco-friendly, 2013 is going to be all about going green. Here are some great ways to make your house a little more green this year!

Emerald Green
The color this year that is everywhere is emerald green. This bright green looks good with all different types of styles and makes a room brighter and more playful. This is my favorite trend this year!










“Green” Eco-Friendly Flooring
Being less harmful to the earth is also a big trend in homes this year. Make your flooring less harmful by adding recycled wood, bamboo, linoleum, or recycled tiles.



Green Lighting
We all know to use fluorescent light bulbs and LED lights, but lighting can be even more earth friendly than that. The fixtures can be made of recycled and cleaner materials that still look beautiful.





There are also many other ways to make your home green and be in style for 2013. Add some emerald accents and some recycled materials and your home will be the talk of the neighbors. If you have any more questions about how to make your home more green, contact me.