Counter Top Ideas

I was recently looking into new counter tops for a client, and I couldn’t believe all the options I found! I knew there were many different materials for counter tops, but I never really realized there were this many options out there. I found many unique, different, yet gorgeous ideas that I definitely want to try!



Granite is definitely not something new that I’ve seen, but with all the hundreds of different options, granite goes with every home! I have it in my own kitchen and love it.



Marble counters are stunning! They instantly add glamour and class to a kitchen. They also come in many different colors to match with any color palette and kitchen.


Before looking into these counter top ideas, when I thought of tile counters, I thought of very outdated ones. But now I realize that there are so many options that look stunning! Plus, they’re heat resistant, don’t stain easily, and if one breaks, it’s easy to replace.



Quartz is a material I completely forgot was usable for counter tops! It resembles granite and marble, but is more resistant to scratches and stains. It’s also more uniform than other stone.


I’ve seen concrete a few times on counter tops, but I didn’t realize how many different styles it can be in! The concrete is custom made and dyed to any color, so the possibilities are endless!

Stainless Steel


The next option I found was stainless steel, which works well in both traditional and modern kitchens. It is naturally antibacterial, and is easy to clean with water and stainless steel cleaner.

Butcher Block


The wood of the butcher block adds warmth to any kitchen. Also, you won’t have to use cutting board ever again, because cuts in the counter can be sanded out. I wouldn’t have ever thought of this idea, but I love it now!



Cork is something I’ve never thought of before for counter tops. If you’re looking for something new and different, this is definitely what you should put in your home! Also, it’s eco-friendly!




This is one of the ideas that surprised me the most. Look at these beautiful glass counter tops! They can handle heat, are non-porous (so they’re antibacterial), can be designed to however you would like, are eco-friendly, and can be lit up from underneath.



I actually said “wow” when I saw these paper counters, because I never would have guessed that they were paper. They’re very eco-friendly and behave just like traditional counter top surfaces. If anyone wants to do this, tell me about it because I want to see it!


There are many other ideas other than these, including Corian, laminate, zinc, copper, and some I haven’t even seen yet! If you’re looking for new counter tops, do some research on the different types! You can also always ask me for help on deciding on counter tops or any other home design choices. Contact me at or visit my social network pages!